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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 8, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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possessed is the scariest since her. since linda blair.the little gid is the scariest since her. since linda the little possessed is the scariest since her. since linda blair.the little gid is the scariest since her. since linda blair. >> no one will want to go to a garage sale after that. so where was it on the tomato meter? >> 38%, but number one movie. so i guess we know who wins that argument. >> all right. very good. well, we got a hit and a miss. you always a hit. thank you so much. her movie grades are at rotten toe he tomatoes daurmt. this tornado touched down in queens answer the threat of more tornadoes is still out there until 10:00 p.m. this evening.w tornadoes is still out there until 10:00 p.m. this evening.e more tornadoes is still out there until 10:00 p.m. this the threat of more tornadoes is still out there until 10:00 p.m. this evening.r
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tornadoes is still out there until 10:00 p.m. this evening. tornadoes is still out there until 10:00 p.m. this evening. alexandra, what more is in store for the new york area? >> that's queens, new york. and people are saying in queen, we have a tornado is this you're looking at the funnel cloud and the brown around the base is the debris field. and in places around queens like the breezy point yacht club, came ban in as blown over and what we've seenvil industrial sd garbage cans. it's not a confirmed tornado, but most certainly it will be. that was morning at 11:00. here's what we've seen. these are all damage reports. 60, 70 miles per hour miles an hour wind gusts and also hail. new york state, pennsylvania, connecticut, there's that toward report in queens. so that's a look at what we've seen. but take a look at what we're
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going to see through the day. we've just begun with this. we've got this line moving through. atmospherically, it is just a cold front for this time of year pushing eastward into this warm humid atmosphere. but this is just a one day affair. by tonight, believe it or not, clear skies almost fall-leak conditions for this this area tomorrow. so these are tornado watch boxes meaning that we do have the at lo atmosphere for tornadoes to form. there's the atmosphere for tornadoes to form. there's the line.t atmosphere for tornadoes to form. there's the line. atmosphere for tornadoes to form. there's the line. here's albany to kingston. but look what's heading your way. it is all pushing in from the west, driving on 88. really driving in this area. connecticut has been under the gun. we had tornado warning earlier for fairfield, litchfield county, also new haven, county. farther west, scranton, pennsylvania, tornado warning headed bethel.
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that's expired. but still, all the big cities. walling, t washington, the worst to your west. all of this is moving east. philadelphia, baltimore, washington. and the biggest threat with this, tornadoes certainly possible, but the biggest threat, these very strong wind gusts and also some isolate hail damage. severe for today into tonight, but then again it is done. and look at this, boston from the steamy 80s and 90s to the 60s. new york city, 08 degr80 degree. >> it will feel good, but first you got get through today. >> absolutely. >> thanks so much. the presidential race is intensifying with both president obama and mitt romney going after voter there is bottle ground states. romney spoke about an hour ago in virginia beach. we have more on that.
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and president obama has two speeches of his own in florida today. one this morning and n. st. petersburg and another in kiss kissimm kissimmee. jessica, obama has a slight leaded in florida right now.kis kissimmee. jessica, obama has a slight leaded in florida right now.iss kissimmee. jessica, obama has a slight leaded in florida right kissimmee. jessica, obama has a slight leaded in florida right now. kissimmee. jessica, obama has a slight leaded in florida right now. kissimmee. jessica, obama has a slight leaded in florida right now. but the white house not taking it for granted. >> reporter: oh, gosh, no. the race is too tight here in the state of 29 electoral votes. could be the decease sif state for which man will win the white house. right you no tw the president campaigning an cross t ining ac corridor where most swing voters live. they're trying to pick up the
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region's young voters and latino voters andle also a lot of folks who have seen foreclosures and seen the job hard times but did vote for the president last time and he has to try win them back with another four years. >> so this is the first campaign stop since the democratic convention wrapped up thursday night. so is there any way of gauging the kind of bump from the turn jot out at these events? >> reporter: you can't extrapolate from the crowds here, clearly people his supporters largely. but i'll tell you that the crowds are large. they waited several hours for him. and so here in the heat yesterday, i was in iowa where they were getting rained on and waited for him for several hours. so at the least we can say thatle folks are getting engaged now and it looks like we are in
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the home stretch and people are starting to pay attention.folks and it looks like we are in the home stretch and people are starting to pay attention. >> okay. thanks so much. president of course making more stops in florida tomorrow. jessica yellin traveling with the president as he does so. as i mentioned, mitt romney is making his campaign stops there is another battleground state. that of virginia. he held a rally at the military aviation museum in the last hour. he took aim at the controversy over the reference to god in the democrat's platform. >> the pledge says under god. i will not take god out of the name of our platform. i will not take god off our coins and i will not take god out of my heart.
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we're a nation bestowed by god. one nation in-divisionable. i will not quid thdivide this n. i will not apologize for americans abroad and i will not apologize for americans here at home. with liberty and justice for all. i will not forget that for us to have liberty here, for us to be able to protect yourself ours from the most evil around the world, we must have a military second to none p. >> a look at both, find out what barack obama and mitt romney are really like tomorrow night
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the 14-year-old girl accused of blasphemy in pakistan is now out on bail. she was charged after burnt pages from the cokoran were fou in her bag. in iraq, four rockets killed a 4 qulld gi4-year-old girl. about 4,000 people have crossed into iraq from syria where at least 148 people were reportedly killed today. victims of the syrian civil war. and the taliban say they're responsible for a bombing that killed six, including children near the headquarters of the international assistance force.
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now, this is a very bizarre murder mystery that has police from paris to london trying to find the killer or killers and the motivation behind it all. a quadruple murder in the french alps. it happened wednesday and police say all the victims were shot to death. three including a mother and father were found in a car, another victim who was a female cyclist was found dead in a parking lot and now police offer this latest detail. >> translator: the four deceased victims received two shots to the head. okay i said yesterday a minimum of one bullet in the head. it's two for each deceased person. >> jonathan mann oig has behas following the story. is there a relationship between the four killed and the place in which this happened? >> all of this would be some kind of weird movie except it's really too serious, too sad and
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incredibly creepy. authorities are still trying to figure out why they were where they were, what possible motive there might have been and of course who the killers are. today they searched for evidence at the home of two of the victims. the husband and wife. british citizenses. emma murphy had more details about the extra story. >> reporter: when the attack took play place, a cyclist reached the top of the hill and he he saw the seek licyclists w passed him dead on the ground, the little girl staggering toward him and the car still running.him dead on the ground, little girl staggering toward him and the car still running.
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he has been giving information to police as best as can hhe ca. >> imagine someone is on a quiet road in the french alpss, out on a beautiful day cycling. >> looks like a park area. >> completely remote. nearest building is a 20 minute drive away. they get to the top of the hill and there's a dead cyclist who was living moments ago, three dead people and a car choose engine is still running and this little girl who had been beat p and shot herself staggering around. >> this is horrific. so now we're talking about so you've got the scope of this family, but apparently there were two children that investigators were prompted to look for even though they had only found the body of one? >> will is the saddest and frankly sickest element. they found the one girl beaten and shot.twill is the saddest a frankly sickest element. they found the one girl beaten and shot.hiwill is the saddest frankly sickest element. they found the one girl beaten and shot.swill is the saddest a frankly sickest element. they found the one girl beaten and shot.ill is the saddest and frankly sickest element. they found the one girl beaten and shot.ll is the saddest and
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frankly sickest element. they found the one girl beaten and shot. is the saddest and frankly sickest element. they found the one girl beaten and shot. is the saddest and frankly sickest element. they found the one girl beaten and shot. they knew family was staying at the local campground and the people said there were two children and they went two children? well, the original officers who discovered the car when the cyclist notified them were told don't touch the car. they didn't touch the car. there were three dead people inside. when they started looking for the second child, she was in the car, a four-year-old girl alive, hiding under the bodies of her dead relatives. that 4-year-old is being treated very carefully. the other girl beaten and shot is in a medically induced coma. so here an extraordinarily mystery, two survivor, one seven, one four, and neither one has been able to offer the police any useful information apart from that youngster confirming that it is indeed her parents who are dead. >> at some point point that child will be able to articulate something about what was seen, what was witnessed. clearly shocked.
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>> she hid for eight hours under the bodies of her dead parents before she was finally approached by a female police officer who reached out her arms to the girl and the girl jumped j into them and smiled. >> what an investigation. keep us posted. lots of unanswered questions. very horrible. thanks, john. the about pictures are heartbreaking. elephants brutally killed for their ivory tusks. but this isn't the work of your average poacher. if there is such a thing. it fits in to a much bigger scheme of organized crime. and if you have to go out today, you can continue watching cnn from your moesney phone and you desktop. e burden of constipation? turn to senokot-s tablets. senokot-s has a natural vegetable laxative ingredient plus the comfort of a stool softener for gentle, overnight relief of occasional constipation. go to for savings.
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we're learning startling details about mass killings of elephants in the democratic republican of congo. conservation groups say poachers are wiping out tens of thousands of elephants a year and there are pictures to back that claim. but i must warn you, they are very disturbing to look at.
3:20 pm
a group is accused of using held coppers to kill held faelephant. it's he part of a scream to colle scream to collect millions of dollars in the form of tusks. ceo of save the elephants joins collect millions of dolla in the form of tusks. ceo of save the elephants joins us.collect millions of dollars the form of tusks. ceo of save the elephants joins us. thanks for joining us . st dozens of elephants being slaughtered for their tusks. there has always been a fear that poachers were getting more incentive it, changing their strategy. is this what you thought it might be vehe involvvolving in ?
3:21 pm
>> well, that's a helicopter scene and the whole thing will be tested very soon. tell be tested with dna to see if -- [ inaudible ] >> doctor, we'll try and establish a better connection because it is difficult to hear you. so we'll try to work a few things out in clommercial break and we'll be right back with this disturbing story and this new trend in africa. great shot. how did the nba become the hottest league on the planet? by building on the cisco intelligent network they're able to serve up live video, and instant replays,
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we'll try to resume our conversation about the devastating slaughter of african elephants, particularly in the democratic republic of congo where eyewitness accounts and various imagery has shown that poachers are killing these elephants by the dozens.
3:25 pm
herds of elephants. and there may be or at least the pictures and some of the accusations are there may be a cooperative effort that may involve a number of african nations in the slaughter of these animals for their tusks. we'll try to resume our consideration with the founder of save the elephants joining us on the phone now. this is near and dear to quarter hea your heart. you were describing that helicopters were photographed near the carcasses of these animals. can we add everything together and say that the ugandan government is sapginctioning ofe killing of the elephants? >> we're waiting to see the dna
3:26 pm
evidence. it all comes down to the incredible rise in price that we've seen over the last three years and that seems to be driven by the prosperity of china, where people are unaware the effects on the elephants. >> so you believe that people are unaware of what it takes or what is being done in order to get these tusks, going for thousands of dollars for any one tusk. and it's your belief that those who are purchasing them, whether this china or india, that they have no idea the brutality that's involved in order to get those tusks? >> i'm not saying everybody, but literally huge numbers come back with the answer that the people buying the tusks drop out every
3:27 pm
year. we need to share our aware fs to stop the kill and reduce the price. >> so how do you do that? how do any ngos successfully try to convey the message of what you're saying in order to get whether it's uganda or sudan or the lord's resistant army who have also been accused of killing these animals. wh what's the leverage that anyone can have to try to get poachers from stopping this exercise? >> you can get political people on your side like we have in
3:28 pm
kenya. we have to stop any consumer from paying such fantastic prices. it all trickles down to the poacher. >> so somehow you have to cut into the interests of ivory jewelry, ivory ash tray, ivory bed posts. you have to cut into that interest. at the same time, you also have to cut into the interest of poachers who are sometimes receives just a sack of salt, but that's vablab et's valuable are, or sometimes $400 to keill an elephant or hand over a tusk, when some members of the military are just making $100 a month. >> yeah, they're making money
3:29 pm
the poachers. and they're usually young men who are not very social, who rob their communities of their wildlife. we're trying all sorts of things. we are using satellites to crack some of the big tuskers in order to protect them. and we need to have that price down. because it won't work unless you lower the demand. >> and you mentioned those satellite and those tracking devices to help protect the animals. don't you also worry that poachers are gets sophisticated, also? >> this is our software and we only give it out to people that
3:30 pm
we trust. you can see it on google earth in near real time and it really helps. the poachers can't get it because they don't have the code word. >> okay. we try all these high tech things, but ultimately it costs down to persuasion. countries leike united states ad china have to take joint leadership and wake the world up. >> dr. hamilton, thanks so much for your time and best wishes on this effort to try to safer the african elephant. one big concern happening right here in the u.s. in the northeast in particular, in trecher with us ret. already one tornado spotted in queens. so. your new light creamy potato with bacon & cheese soup says it's 100 calories a serving. that's right. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese
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tornado warnings have the northeast on edge. you're looking at a tornado that touched down in queens. and the threat of more is still out there until 9:00, maybe even 10:00 p.m. candiotti is gettin firsthand look. what kind of damage are you seeing? >> it is bright and sunny now, but as i said breezy, we are on breezy point which is on a peninsula that faces the atlantic soegs 37 look at the damage over my shoulder from a possible tornado that touched down just before 11:00 this morning.
3:34 pm
people come out to spend the dayiday at the beach. they're in clean up mode. a couple people that use the came ban in a came ban in as, talking about minor damage. >> yeah, the end cabana right this. and luckily for me i was insides the shower area and i heard like big wind and snapping of big utility pole. the debris field and roofs that were torn off and everything
3:35 pm
that was just thrown away, i was lucky i was where i was and my family wasn't here. >> and i know there are no injuries reported here of which we're aware. matt, you were outside you think you saw the funnel cloud. >> they're not uncommon here, but very seldom touch. i'm glancing into the southwest and i see the debris flipping up. where it's going, we can't tell. but it came southwest into northeast. swirling 30, 40 feet in the way. great fwatefully i was out of t. i drove up front thinking god forbid something got hurt, but nobody missing, nobody injured. >> even the police commissioner of new york city was out here surveying the damage. they're saying it is minor, but tornado watches remain in effect until 9:00 tonight. >> all right.
3:36 pm
frightening moments there. thankfully as far as we know mean or injuries. susan, appreciate that from breezy point new york. the rumor is the new iphone 5 may be revealed next week. we'll feeind out what we can skekt. [ female announcer ] almost nothing can dampen a baby's mood, when he wakes up dry in pampers. unlike other diapers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers, for up to 12 hours of protection overnight, and more beautiful mornings. ♪ [ female announcer ] pampers. peaceful nights. playful days.
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the iphone 5 may finally be here. it's expected it will be unveiled next wednesday. lori siegel gives us a preview. >> big apple announcement coming up this week. we've all pabeen waiting on it. says we're almost here, september 12th. but what we're interested in is
3:38 pm
the shadow that has a five. a lot of us speculating that finally we'll hear about the iphone 5. first of all, this is your traditional iphone you're looking at. lots of rumors about a bigger screen. the iphones has had a 3.5 inch screen since 2007. there's speculation it may expand about four inches. so we could see a taller iphone. people also talking about the head phone jack. usually at the top of your phone. now that could also move to the bottom. and here's a rumor people are really talking about, a smaller dock connector. it's how you plug in your phone. which might mean you might have to get a new plug for other devices. so the iphone 5 is also expected to support 4g and that means it will be faster than previous versions. another thing, we're all waiting to hear about nfc capabilities.
3:39 pm
it's a technology that essentially turns your smart phone into your wallet. we're also hearing a lot of talk about an ipad mini. we've heard rumors apple will release a smaller version of its traditional ipad. price speculation about $250, $300. but could it happen? you might have to wait a bit. i have a source who says expect a smaller ipad, but not next week. but you never know. also coming up the day before the announcement, mark zuckerberg will publicly speak is for the first time sinces public deday would you. so a jam-packed week. >> look for the gaming and gablg eithers tab. every saturday where e try bring you on new technology and
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the financial crisis means many pet lovers can't afford to care for their animals. this week's hero has helped hundreds keep their dog healthy and out of shelters. >> charlie means everything to us. he was diagnosed with cancer about two years ago. a couple days ago, he had another growth on his chest. >> given the fact that he had an aggressive type of tumor, things like this should really come off. >> i recently got laid off and we were expecting our first baby. we were expecting with this huge vet bill and were at a loss. >> i think we definitely can help you out. with the whicheconomy being wha is, people are faced with the chose of having to give up their dogs. they're doing their best to get back on track. and then a crisis happens.
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you're about to meet a woman who fell from the sky. four years ago, laura sharp's life changed in an instant after the helicopter she was in crashed. now you sharp is helping others to heal through art. cnn chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta takes her story. >> reporter: memorial day weekend, 2008, laura sharp and her stepdaughter are headed out of town on a 14 minute flight from long beach, california to catalina island. >> there were four of us traveling with two of the helicopter company staff. and life changed. there was a mechanical failure.
3:47 pm
and we lost for power. >> reporter: three of the six aboard died in the crash. laura's stepdaughter badly injured herself saw her unconscious mother and dragged her from the wreckage by her hair. critical care specialist dr. feinberg assumed responsibility for laura's treatment. >> she had literally fallen out of the sky and every part of her body was every fractured or suffering in some way. >> reporter: laura suffered burns over nearly half her body. sustained major brain trauma. severe damage to her eyes and face. dozens of fractureses, collapsed lungs. not to mention severe psychological trauma. >> i'm newly configured from head to toe. they did such a beautiful job putting me back together. i'm like humpty dumpty. it definitely took all the king's horses and all the king's
3:48 pm
men. >> reporter: today laura is moving forward. healing by expressing herself through art. laura believes in art therapy so strongly that she founded artists for trauma. it's a nonprofit dedicated to helping other trauma survivors to heal. shelly lost her ability to see following the stroke. as a result of a bacterial infection in her heart. she's been paired with potter. >> it would be difficult for me to see exactly, but i can feel it. >> reporter: and laura feels she's found her life's purpose. >> to bring joyous interaction to distract the survivor from their pain. bringing them the love. >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, reporting. high end professional athletes that can rake in millions of dollars a year in salary and sponsorships. and now here's a new nba program that helps teach them how to manage their wealth.
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it's gotten to the point in syria that when people look down they often see blood stains on the streets. when they look up, they often face something even worse. constant deadly shelling. today alone opposition activists say 163 people were killed, many wounded, and when syrians get hurt in the city of aleppo they go to a place that is under siege itself. the hospital. cnn's nick walsh goes inside and tells the story of some of the youngest patients and a warning you what are about to see is very graphic and very
3:51 pm
disturbing. >> this hospital is where many in aleppo run when caught by the constant shelling. even though the hospital and the area around it have also been fired upon. >> still this day we see many civilians flooding here for treatment, some very young. doctors telling us that children's hospital has been closed by the government. some terrified. some starving. muhammed age 8 was hit by shrapnel fired from syrian regime mortars. he is quiet, brave, but this hospital isn't equipped for the surgery he needs. his thigh bone is shattered. so the doctors have no choice but to exacerbate his ordeal and send him across the front lines to the government hospital.
3:52 pm
hoping per vicely that those who hurt him can also heal him. president bashar al assad is history in the minds of locals but his regime still has the best hospitals where one doctor works during the day before sneaking here to help this rebel hospital in the evening. he tells me in the regime hospitals 50 soldiers are brought in every day, that sometimes doctors mercy kill by injection those they can't treat effectively and if they found he was working in the rebel hospital they'd kill him. ahmed's head has been hit by shrapnel from shelling his ear almost blown off. they struggle to clean the wound and to find enough anesthetic. at any point the power could cut. still, the doctors carry on.
3:53 pm
it hurts he cries. he has yet to learn the worst about what the shelling did. he tells his father who is just outside the hospital. the dead here so many the doctors must leave them on the street. his brother arrives. there is no room for privacy or dignity here. they remove the body before ahmed can learn what happened. the blood remains on the street unnoticed by some. the people of aleppo looking to the skies checking what next may befall them. cnn, aleppo. >> as the civil war rages on cnn's nick peyton walsh gives you an inside look at the horrors of life inside aleppo. it's a cnn special report "crisis in syria" tonight 7:30
3:54 pm
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but when this one ends another one will have to take place. >> he's a linebacker with the baltimore ravens who has his eyes on his opponent on the field but also has his sights set on life off it. >> i want to be the athletic director at ucla but also a professional businessman. i want to be hirable. i want to be somebody that has a resume, long resume of accomplishments. >> reporter: to make that happen he is going for a master's degree in business administration. what makes his mba program unique is that nearly everyone in it is a pro athlete or former pro. >> our goal is to really help these individuals make the transition from a very specific occupation that has given them a lot of access and a lot of resources in their lives. >> this is george washington university's star executive mba program, a customized program where celebrity students meet for eight hours a day in two-week modules. they'll take six modules over two years with plenty of homework and projects in
3:58 pm
between. >> we all have businesses we want to do once our careers are over and we need to learn the fundamental ways how to grow those businesses and build them the right way. we'll still go through the trials and errors but you'll be a lot smarter and more efficient and just go about it a better way. >> spouses are also encouraged to apply. kimberly starks attends with her husband, former nfl player dwayne starks. >> there's a lot of class time and in addition to the class time there's assignments. you think like oh, you come in, sit down, listen to a couple lectures and it's over. that is not quite the case. there are a lot of papers that are due, homework assignments, blogs, exams, and it's high paced. >> reporter: a modular curriculum to an mba isn't new but tailoring it to students worth tens of millions of dollars is a new approach. the strategy is to help them hang on to their money and build upon it so it benefits not only them but everyone. >> we want them to be able to channel those resources into becoming great business leaders in society. >>.
3:59 pm
>> reporter: he says it's simple. if you want it bad enough, go get it. >> time waits for nobody. i got to get it done now. there is a dream after football and that dream isn't going to wait for anybody. whoever seizes it is going to get it. now is the time. >> reporter: carol costello, cnn. welcome back to the cnn newsroom. i'm fredricka whitfield. we're monitoring severe weather in the northeast section of the country particularly. can you believe it? this is queens, new york. and a tornado proving to be just how severe the weather is. it touched down just a few hours ago. the threat of more tornadoes is still out there. meteorologist alexandra steele is tracking this storm. very treacherous, very dangerous. that's why the u.s. open women's finals has been postponed until tomorrow. >> that's right. the video you just showed of the funnel cloud, that was queens, new york. this is washington, d.c. come and take a


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